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November 2023 Need some quick relief for a tension headache? October 2023 3 Special Foam Roll Exercises for the Middle Back September 2023 4 Exercises for Better Balance August 2023 3 Uncommon Exercises that Will Improve Your Health July 2023 How to Keep the Lower Back Limber June 2023 3 Uncommon Exercises to Avoid Wrist/Forearm Pain May 2023 4 Uncommon Foot Exercises to Maintain Mobility April 2023 3 Great Exercises for Strong Shoulders March 2023 3 Key Knee Exercises that will Take You to the Next Level February 2023 Neck Stiffness? Try These January 2023 Happy New Year - 3 Excellent Hip Exercises December 2022 A Proven Solution to Better Health - Just Two Things November 2022 Special Issue - Did Google Give You a Wrong Diagnosis? October 2022 Special Issue - Headache remedies you probably don't know about September 2022 Special Issue - The most important message we have for you August 2022 Radiating Neck Pain - What You Need to Know July 2022 Avoiding a Very Common Injury June 2022 Tips to Avoid Summer Shoulder Pain May 2022 Important Tip: Maintaining Middle Back Mobility & More April 2022 4 Simple Ways to End Back Stiffness March 2022 Hip Pain, Prevention, & Natural Care February 2022 The Olympics, Knees, & You January 2022 There's No Need to Suffer with Foot/Ankle Pain December 2021 Our 6 Best Health Tips in 2021 November 2021 Is Pain or Injury Keeping You from Exercising? October 2021 Celebrate with us September 2021 Please Accept Our Challenge - Prevent Falls, Save Lives August 2021 Do You Know the Difference Between These Elbow Conditions? July 2021 Little Known Actions to Improve Your Health June 2021 Shoulder Pain - Why Conservative Care First is Best May 2021 Best Type of Exercise to Reduce Death Risk? April 2021 What to Do If You Have Back Pain March 2021 3 Stretches for Foot/Leg Problems February 2021 Prevent Pain with These 4 Little Known Exercises January 2021 How to Avoid Ski Injuries December 2020 What is a TMJ Disorder & Who Can Treat It November 2020 Neck Pain - 4 Stretches to Ease the Discomfort October 2020 Why You Should See Us First September 2020 How to Avoid Pain During Mobile Phone & Computer Use August 2020 PTs & Doctors Agree-You Should Be Doing This July 2020 How to Keep Your Hips Mobile! June 2020 3 Exercises to Keep Your Back Mobile May 2020 Exercises to Reduce Foot & Leg Pain April 2020 Do you do this exercise? March 2020 A Huge Problem Adults & Seniors Forget About February 2020 6 Ways to Decrease Tendinitis January 2020 3 Exercise We Bet You've Never Seen Before December 2019 6 Exercise Suggestions for 2020 November 2019 7 Reasons to See Your PT Now October 2019 How to Treat the Cause of Ankle & Foot Pain September 2019 How to Handle TMJ and More... August 2019 Knee Pain - What You Should Know About It July 2019 How to cut your risk of injuries June 2019 4 Exercises for a Better Summer May 2019 The One Thing You Should Do If You Have Any Of These April 2019 The One Thing that Ironically Helps Most Arthritis Patients March 2019 A Successful Alternative for Pain Pills February 2019 What You Need to Know About Back Pain January 2019 How To Keep Your Neck Healthy and More