Mehul helped me for strengthening of my core, arms, legs, etc. There is an overall improvement in my daily life. I am able to do more activities independently and without pain. Every time I went for therapy, I was given personal one-on-one care. I would definitely recommend this facility to friends, family and anyone who needs PT.

Leslie S.

Mehul relieved my back pain and tension. He also showed me a lot of new exercises to help me strengthen my neck, back and core. Mehul paid close attention to my problem areas and tailored my treatments to the specific needs. The staff is great.

Sheriea .

Right from my first visit, my Physical Therapist Mehul helped me to feel better. Each time I went for therapy the pain was less and less. I am happy that I was healed quickly. I will have no problem in suggesting Ally Physical Therapy to my friends.

Socorro F.

Mehul eliminated my pain and then started to build up my strength. He basically spent the whole time with me when I was there. I would highly recommend APTL, nice caring people who just want to help you.

Victoria W.

Even though I came for therapy for the back of my leg, Mehul identified an arthritic problem in my knee. He recommended "Tape" therapy and it worked well in relieving the sharp pain I was experiencing before.

Thomas S.

Mehul challenged me to build up strength, mobility and balance. He made sure that I knew how to do home exercises. I would recommend APTL for knowledgeable, individualized, encouraging and caring treatments with latest techniques in a pleasant, cherry and non-threatening environment.

Gail N.

Ally Physical Therapy has helped me to be able to function in my everyday life and tasks. My therapist has helped me understand the physical workouts will be the success to treating my pain. Everything stood out to the professional service to the one-on-one care given to me by my therapist. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Jacelyn Y.

Mehul has such a kind and patient manner. He spent as much time as I needed to help me. He helped me by treating me with Laser and Traction. He also showed me how to sit properly and several different exercises to help me strengthen my core. I went from being in unbearable pain to very little to no pain. I would tell anyone to go to APTL. I can't say enough about their expertise and how much I benefited from it.

Dorothy M.

After suffering a trimalleolar fracture, I had to go for surgery to rebuild my ankle. 2 months later, my doctor asked me to begin therapy. When I came to Ally Physical Therapy, my ankle was extremely swollen, had significant pain and stand to sit was very painful. Mansi was able to drastically reduce the swelling and pain in my ankle through mobilization and taping in just two weeks of therapy. I'm happy to say that after 8 weeks of therapy, I now have zero pain and walk as though I'd never broken my ankle! Mansi has given me the confidence to push myself "per my tolerance" to improve my health.

Alexandra K.

Mansi was able to pin point that the problem with my elbows was actually in my neck. She fixed my neck and my elbow pain is gone. Mansi explained why we were doing therapy and how it was helping me. Ally is a great place to get the help you need. All staff are friendly, informative and you leave from there not only feeling better but more educated about how your body works and what you can do for it to work better.

Cynthia K.

Mansi was very skilled in various treatment of my pain. She relieved pain in neck and shoulder considerably. I am able to read again without much pain. Ally Physical Therapy has great, knowledgeable therapist and various types of equipment to manage your problem areas.

Roxanne J.

Ally Physical Therapy is a caring facility with friendly personal. Mansi kept me busy with exercises. She showed me how to strengthen muscles and gave electrical treatments. She made sure I was doing exercises correctly.

Calvin O.

The pain in my wrist was really serious and I had troubles opening doors. The quality of care and skills of Mansi's treatment were very special. Now my hand and wrist are not hurting and the doors are easier to open. This is a very good facility to go to. Its nice and clean with friendly staff.

Marilyn R.

Mansi helped me to feel normal again. It was very difficult to function when I was always dizzy. She was very patient with me doing the exercises. The quality of care was amazing. She focused on my needs and me. The exercises I was taught are easy to do at home and with little equipment. The treatment at Ally is very individualized. The therapists care about you and your progress. The facility is always neat and clean.

Kristian P.

Ally Physical Therapy has very friendly staff, flexible with hours and very knowledgeable therapists. Mansi helped me gain strength back in my hands and arms so that everyday tasks wouldn't be so tiresome. She provided care with positivity and motivation.

Michelle P.

Mansi was very reassuring that my improvement would be steady and I would return to normal balance. That reassurance made my therapy easier and I understood my short and long term goals. Mansi's knowledge in vestibular therapy allowed quick recovery due to personalized exercises.

Kelly K.