About Us

ALLY PHYSICAL THERAPY, LLC came into existence since April 2011, but the owners of this clinic have been practicing physical therapy in Michigan since 2001 with complex cases related to fractures, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, chronic and acute back pain and neck pain, shoulder injuries, rotator cuff injuries, soft tissue injuries, elbow fracture, wrist fractures, work related injuries, Auto related injuries, post-operative Rehab, etc.

We have acquired certifications in McKenzie protocol for Back, Maitland mobilization techniques, Vestibular Rehab, Certification in Kinesio-Taping, Yoga therapy. We have on board specialists for Neuro Rehabilitation and Stroke Rehabilitation.

ALLY PHYSICAL THERAPY, LLC is affiliated with:

  • APTA
  • CMSA
  • VEDA

Formation of ALLY PHYSICAL THERAPY, LLC was based on providing quality physical therapy services to the Detroit metro and Livonia areas. In current healthcare environment health providers are sometimes forced to see many patients in given time whether they like it or not, owners of ALLY PHYSICAL THERAPY always questioned that, as more number of patients provider see less quality of work is the outcome. That is the reason why we always remind ourselves to have healthy ratio of providers and patient for better outcome.

We are committed to one on one patient to therapist care. This means that you will be evaluated and treated by same therapist during course of entire treatment. You will not be juggled among many therapists and will not be seen by physical therapy aide.

Patients are seen within 24 hours of receiving referral – —you will not wait for weeks to be seen at our clinic.

ALLY PHYSICAL THERAPY, LLC stands out when setting standards in rehabilitation (including orthopedic rehab, neuro rehab, etc.) providing compassionate and effective care with integrity and accountability. You can be rest assured that you are in good hands and alliance.